PacSafe StashSafe 100 GII RFID Blocking Hip Pack


PacSafe StashSafe 100 GII RFID Blocking Hip Pack


Stashsafe 100 hip pack features secure RFIDsafe blocking material  and smart zippered security.  Hip Pack includes a handy lock and key set to secure zippers and compartments containing sensitive documents such as passport and travelers checks or lock your pouch around a secure fixture, such as a table leg while you eat lunch. 

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StashSafe 100 GII Hip Pack Features:

  • Material Nylon 420 D HD, mini ripstop
  • Dimensions 6.1" X 10" X 2.4"
  • Weight 10.6 ox including external padlock
  • Volume 2.2 L
  • Style #30280

What is RFID?

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification, or Radio Frequency ID.  This means that identification information and data can be transferred through radio frequency. 

It's very important to choose products with RFID blocking features because RFID chips are in personal identification items such as passports (all passports issued since 2006), credit cards, and debit cards.  Thieves will use handheld RFID Readers or Scanners to intercept personal information.

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