About Us

Going In Style travel store was founded with the goal of offering the most complete and in-depth selection of travel accessories possible. This Design Go Travel Accessories site was designed to give you a complete selection of Design Go products from adapters, USB chargers, lightning cables, travel headphones, luggage locks, packing organizers, to neck pillows. FREE SHIPPING any order of Design Go Travel Accessories.

We are constantly looking for travel products that make the going to your travel destination efficient, comfortable, and more enjoyable. So whether you're planning a quick trip to Paris, France, a cruise through the Caribbean, or an around the world excursion, Going In Style is your single source for travel accessories. To view thousands more of our travel accessories and luggage for worldwide travel visit our website - www.goinginstyle.com

Visit our Flagship store at the Stanford Shopping Center (directions to Going In Style) on the Stanford University Campus in Palo Alto, California.  And feel free to visit our customer service page to make suggestions on any travel accessory products that you think might be useful. We continually use this valuable customer feedback to seek out, review, and ultimately select the best travel accessories available.

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Customer Service: 650-394-4751

Business Office: 650-394-4750